KathyPRINT-28Hi, I’m Kat. I am a professional writer who gets paid to help others convey their ideas, missions and thoughts with words. But I also wanted to have a place to write about my own – and that’s what I plan to do here on this site.

When I am not typing away at the keyboard or lost in a book, I am running around with my seven-year-old son who often leaves me amazed and exhausted, but always feeling alive and loved. We love to travel, have friends over for pizza and wine (well, the grown-ups enjoy the wine and the kids have juice – we all devour the pizza) and planning epic adventures. If you’re interested in reading stories from a single mom trying to live her best life, laugh more and write better, stick around. I’d be honored to have you.

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If you are interested in my professional writing, visit my portfolio at KathleenFordyce.com.