Oh my, oh my, how I loved Africa. For the past year, I have been planning and paying for a trip to Tanzania, knowing it would be something special. But I never could have imagined just how magical it would be.

I have been home for more than a week now and am still struggling to find the words to describe it. Everyone has been asking about the trip, and I try to answer, but mostly just stutter a few underwhelming sentences.

IMG_3766“It was just……unbelievable.””Fascinating.” “Friendliest people.” “Incredible.” “I loved every minute.”

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Still Straddling the Fence


photo by Henry Burrows

Almost three years ago I wrote this essay. It was one of the rare times when a personal piece was actually easy to write. At the time I was struggling, trying desperately to figure my life out. My husband, Nolan, had been gone for two years and I had made several big life changes that I hoped would make me happy. But they weren’t and I was trying to figure out why.

For weeks, one of my best friends, Jon, (who was my first editor years ago) had been suggesting I write more about what I was going through. Since the day I first met him he has encouraged me to follow my gut – to analyze less and trust more. But instead of doing, I sat night after night thinking. I wrote some but refused to show any of it to anyone. He kept pushing, and told me to just send him something. Anything.

So I sat on my bed that night after I took a shower, body and hair still wet, wrapped in towels, and wrote with my laptop perched before me. Before I had time to think or waver, I hit send. Continue reading Still Straddling the Fence